Modern Video Strategy

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How do you grow adoption of an internal video platform?

Video takes courage to make. Kickstart adoption by giving video a perpetual reason to be made. The reward is influence and employee growth. For each challenge CircleHD supports a start / end date, a reward section, and points system posted to a user leaderboard.

SharkTank — Think you have an opportunity the company should invest in? Tell us the instant you want. Pitch your idea in a 2-5 minute video. The next big idea can come from anyone. The best story tellers often win. Let our collective smarts identify and incubate winners faster.  

Improvement videos — If you can identify waste, you have the job autonomy to fix it. The only requirement; shoot a one-minute before and after video, and it’s played next morning at the company meeting.  A consortium of 500 companies in the manufacturing, healthcare, and technology service sectors have entirely transformed with this simple but high-impact culture hack. The gift is people outgrow the company. Learn more about lean video 

RIP It — want to record a live web meeting? Just rip it live from the source. Record your screen, assign it to a channel, check transcribe, and click upload. Within minutes (not hours or days) your video asset is uploaded and published. All audio indexed so an hour long video is not an information black hole. Listen later in the company TV app on the drive home. 

Invest In Innovation — If a software vendor has a value proposition. Ask them to put it to video, and you’ll share it internal in the Vendor Corner. Where new opportunities go to be vetted. If the technology has merit, either you, or the vendor pitch the software, pitch a business case of why to act. 

Hackathon — set goals. Explain rules. Put the innovation to a video pitch. Highlight winners. That’s what our friends at PayPal did…..

Influencer Award (Sales) — The challenge is who can drive the most user traffic to an external video page.  The page is to be branded to a prospect account. The rep can make short video clips about new software features. Feed all content to that single external page.

Make the CTA button a unique URL--for example the page you onboard users. The past winners learned how to seduce and establish trust with video, motion graphics, & narrative. Bypass the need to shake hands first. The new buyer rapport is a product of the time you save the champion to influence others.  Good chance a strong video business case is seen by the CEO, maybe even poolside. 

2x points for users who convert to on-board!

Train — make a lineup of videos. Put it into a self-paced lesson player. Viewers can mark when a lesson is complete. Anything more complicated, CircleHD can integrate out-of-the box with your existing LMS.  

Leaderboard — our built-in hack where every like, upload, comment, and share is assigned a score and user profiles ranked. For the first time engagement can be tracked and culture scored. 

Lunch with the CEO -- The ultimate video hack of all, is when your CEO is the one to announce the hack. The award can be lunch with you. The fact is employees learn mastery in self-broadcast. You want employees to outgrow the company. The legacy is for Company TV. 


by: Doug Wulff | Head of Sales